​2024 Dates:

February 9-11, 2024 - Pac West Barrel Racing, Ocala, FL 

April 12-14, 2024 - Pac West Barrel Racing, Ocala, FL - 

Pac West Order Form for April event 

(pre ordering before the event, you get 10% discount)

September 20-22, 2024 = Pac West Barrel Racing, Ocala, FL

November 22 - 24, 2024 - Pac West Barrel Racing - Ocala, FL

December 6-8, 2024 - Pac West Barrel Racing, Ocala, FL


Pac West Order Form for February event


EMAIL floridaequineathlete@gmail.com to schedule your event or to Order your memory keepsake video

 Package 1 – Movie only – This will be on DVD and will contain your original run and that run in slow motion, music with slow motion, and is personalized with your information. It is $15 for the 1st run and $5 each for additional runs, as long as on same DVD. Example, you have 3 runs (on the same DVD), it is $25 + $4 mailing. So, the total is $29. This is for your own personal use only. This is not for uploading to any social media due to the music.

If want on USB stick, price increases and has stipulations.


Package 2 – Social Media Only – This is where the original run is edited out and your personal information is put on. It is uploaded to my youtube account and the link is sent to you so you can share it on your social media account or I can post it for you. This $10 per run.


Package 3 – Social Media with slow motion – Same as package 2 but, with slow motion of the original run, comes with generic music, if wanted - $15 per run.


Package 4 - Movie & Social Media – Most popular – Includes both package 1 and 2 above and is the same price as the movie but the social media is $4 per run. So, if you got 3 runs, it is $37 + $4 for mailing increase.

Package 5 – Original run, personalized and emailed to you where you can download it to your phone just the original run with no slow motion is $10 each. With slow motion is $15 each.

Recording yourself from the monitor is available at $10 a run
VIEWING PRICES - $4 Each -unless order – then its FREE

​There is a fee if paying with credit card.  To order email floridaequineathlete@gmail.com or contact on Facebook