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President - Cheryl Lynn Mann
863-635-0945 (home) or 863-801-2390 (cell)

Jackpot Secretary - Cindy King 863-443-0849

Directors:  Merilee Margel 863-712-2607
                   Michele Davenport 813-703-0701

For issues pertaining to this FBRA link on the Florida Equine Athlete Website email: Melissa Greer at floridaequineathlete@gmail.com or call 863-398-6802.

All Shows are WPRA & Jr. WPRA approved

Please note -  Entry fees $40 and there is a 1x fee (per show) of $10 for nonmembers.  New -  $500 added for under 100 entries. If more than 100 entries, $1,000 added.

Members have to work 4 shows for points to stay in standings. Member must also participate in 50% of the shows from the time he or she joins.

There are  2 classes added "Elite (40 +)" and "Making Champions" (17 & younger) - Roll over only - $30 entry fee - These classes will have No year end awards.




Nonmembers that draw out of the barrel race will only have the entry fee reimbursed. Nonmembership fee of $10 has to be paid.  

If you are riding 2+ horses, please get to show early to enter so you can get a decent split.

FBRA memberships are $65 -   FBRA MEMBERSHIP FORM IN PDF

FBRA Members please remember that you must work 4 shows and You must participate in 50% of the shows from the time you become a member to stay in standings.

FBRA is Open 4D with 1/2 second splits between each division.  Men are allowed to run - Memberships can be purchased at the shows.  

​There are no pre entries - Entries are taken on site.

Please note: During Exhibitions, you are NOT allowed to circle the barrel twice.  Keep in a straight moving flow.   Thank you

Due to FBRA Safety Rules,  NO riding double in the arena is allowed, at any time.  Can lead or follow another horse. But, NO riding double. Thank you

For tie breakers with Saddles and buckles:  How many shows the contestant participated in will be used. 

Note to Non-Members: The FBRA is thrilled to have non-members compete at our show and we share in the excitement of you winning a check. Please write your mailing address on the back of your entry card so, incase you leave early and you do win that hard earned check, we can put it in the mail for you.

PLEASE NOTE!!!!!  From now on, anyone selling any product or service at a FBRA event, there will be a $50 vendor fee. If in the arena taking pictures, you will have to sign a release. Please contact Cheryl Lynn Mann, contact information above. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Event Dates/Results/Notes

January 29, 2023 - Reality Ranch - Results

  Note:  Thank you to our sponsors:  ASP Underground Solutions: the Pieczonka Family; Gunter Septic; Brenda Simmons; and Scott & Heather Walker.
Thank you all FBRA members for all their hard work. TY to Michele Davenport and Erin Wetzel for all the great awards.
FYI - All year end division Champions received a buckle and a $1,000 Cash and the reserve winners received a buckle plus awards.  All 10 winners in each division received the same awards.

February 26, 2023 - Stokes, Polk City - Results

  Note:  Thank you Vanessa and Billy Stokes for having us and having a great ground.

March 26, 2023 - Reality Ranch - Results

  Note:  Thank you Brandon Perdue for the great ground. It was the best ground we ever have had.

April 16, 2023 - Indian River Riding Club in Vero Beach - Results

​  Note:  Thank you IRRC for having us. It was a wonderful show and the ground was great.  Thank you Craig Simon for driving the tractor.

May 21, 2023 - Stokes Green Swamp Ranch, Polk City, FL - Results

​   Note:  Thank everyone for coming and thank you Billy and Vanessa for having us there and being so accommodating.

June 11, 2023 - Winding Trails Ranch, Myakka City, FL - Results

    Note from Cheryl Lynn:  Thank you Lise Blanton for having us; Thank you to everyone who helped; Thank you Buddy Hall and James Dickason for driving the tractor; Thank you Melissa McKay for helping us.

IMPORTANT!!!!!  If you are wearing a tank top,  NO SPAGHETTI STRINGS, Or the privilege of wearing a tank top will be taken away!!!!!!!!!!

July 1, 2023 - Bartow Arena, Bartow, FL - RESULTS  - Open 1D revised 7.3.2023 at 3:08 pm

​     Special thanks to Casey Pieczonka and Craig Simons for doing all the groundwork and the FBRA girls for putting on the show and getting ready.
Thank you to everyone for keeping the grounds clean.

August 12, 2023 - Winding Trails Arena, Myakka, FL - RESULTS

 Thank you to Lise Blanton for hosting the FBRA show for us; Thank you to Buddy Hall and John Mosely for driving the tractor and thank you to everyone who helped with the show.  Next show is September 2nd at the Bartow Arena in

Bartow, FL

September 2, 2023 - Bartow Arena, Bartow, FL - RESULTS

​   Thank you  Craig Simons for driving the tractor.  
   Thank you to the Burton family for all the work you did Saturday.
    A Special Thank you to Buddy Hall, Auburney Pieczonka, and Justin and               Amber Hayes, and Heather Walker.

   ALSO, A big thank you to EVERYONE for picking up after themselves.  

​PLEASE NOTE:  If you are not a FBRA member, you will not be listed in the results. Only, if you win money.  If have any questions about your placing, please contact Cheryl Lynn Mann.