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The May 2018 edition, volume 140 is completed. In this issue, Joyce Meyer talks about the First Step to an Exciting Live.  Due to other duties, my article of Methodology, part I was left in this issue.  Karine Bauer discusses the tax records you need to keep incase of audits and more. Barbra Schulte talks about a short list for Competition Prep. Dr. Juliet Getty, Equine Nutritionist talks about Empty Fields. Gina Mcknight interviewed Bryan Farcus, Farrier; and Zoetis discusses The Reality of Equine Rabies. The magazine contains full calendar of events for Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and other states. With this issue, I was not able to put stats in due to busy schedule.  Please look at all the flyers in the magazine as some dates may have been missed in the state barrel racing schedules and roping section schedule.

The Florida Equine Athlete is the official publication for the Florida Equine Athlete Barrel Racing, the Florida Barrel Racer’s Association, the NBHA FL 00, and the Fast n Furious.  It also features the Southern Junior Rodeo Association and the Georgia Federation of Saddle Clubs. If you would like your organization to be featured with the Florida Equine Athlete (now celebrating 14 years) please email or PM on Facebook.  

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This is how the Florida Equine Athlete started in 2004 (see history) on the home page.  

The Magazine contains the following:

  1. Various educational and informational articles to help spread the knowledge in different equestrian and/or barrel racing topics.  There are articles for Equine Nutrition, Training, Business aspects, Motivational topics, and Interviews.  Writers such as Dr. Juliet Getty, Ph.D.; Dr. Melissa Greer, Ph.D.; Joyce Meyer; Gina McKnight;  Barbra Schulte; Karine Bauer (Tax Specialist); John Cohan (Agricultural Tax Attorney); Patti Gail with Amber Glen Sports Therapy & Wellness Center, and more
  2. Barrel Racing Information sections for Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and OTHER states.  The FEA is the official publication for certain organizations and are included in the state section it is located in.  Also, Calenders with the Schedule of Events are in for each state that are 2 months ahead
  3. Roping Section - This is a work in progress as this section began in 2016.  This will also contain certain organizations and a Schedule of Events Calendar 2 months ahead.

​The Florida Equine Athlete began in 2004 and started with the magazine.  It is celebrating 14 years now (officially in June). It has grown to cover Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee; also, includes an Other States section and Roping Section.  Would you like to order a subscriptionto the Florida Equine Athlete magazine? It is $15 for one year or $25 for two years. To order go to

The FEA has also grown to include other services such as the following: extensive advertising; Video Productions; the Florida Equine Athlete Barrel Racing Association; Administrative Services such as website designing, announcing, and more.

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the Fea magazine is an online magazine to help save the trees and use unneeded & costly paper. everything is available at your fingertips.  due to the publication being green, an unlimited amount of pages can be created and many pictures and graphics can be implemented.