Does your horse have tight muscles, a sore back or stiffness in general? Has your horse's behavior changed. If so, your horse may benefit from a massage. 

The Equisports massager is the gold standard in equine massage equipment. This massager is designed specifically for equine application. Its light weight of 7.5 pounds allows the you the ability to massage one or several horses in succession, without feeling tired.

The sturdy, full-sized rubber hand grips allow for comfort during use. A unique four-point orbital oscillation, provides a non-invasive, deep tissue massage. This allows you to massage even the thickest muscle groups with ease. The result is improved circulation and overall recovery.

With a happy, healthy horse, anything is possible. 

Benefits of Using the Equisports™ Massager

There are many benefits to using the equisports massager for both you and your horse.

Benefits to Horse:

Relaxation and reduction of tension.
Improved circulation, both blood and lymph.
Stimulate the horses natural self-regulatory capability
No adverse side effects.
Increased bodys energy flow.
Decreased Trigger point and stress point formation.
Soothing with overall sense of well-being.
Can be use to warm up the horse.

Benefits to You:

Efficiency of work.
Easy to use.
Save your body energy
Prevent stiffness of hands & shoulders
No adverse side effects.

Using the massager regularly is considered preventative care as it contributes to your horse’s good health by stimulating its natural healing power.

What is the Equisports™ Massager good for?

The benefits resulting from the application of massager are many. The most important ones are loosening of the muscles, an increase in circulation and an overall relaxation of the muscles in the horse’s body.

Overall relaxation after travel / training / showing.
Pre-warm-up before exercising / showing.
Peak maintenance in-between classes.
Faster recovery - stimulate natural self-regulatory capability.
Maximize conditioning program.
Therapeutic use for recovery of injuries