If you would like to donate anything to the silent auction, please contact Missy Hobbs (contact information is on the event flyer.

If want to give anything toward the added money, please contact Missy Hobbs.

Please give added money in Cash.  Please note: Entries are Cash only and pay on site. No prepaying entries.

Pre entering, itself, will begin February 19, 2024 and pre entry form will be on this link. Or, you can email floridaequineathlete@gmail.com or PM Melissa Greer (or on one of my other FB pages) on FB.

FOR PRE ENTERING, PLEASE JUST PM ME ON FB MESSENGER OR EMAIL floridaequineathlete@gmail.com.  I took the online entry form down as I am allowed only so many submissions per month and I have reached the limit.   Thank you for your cooperation

Update note on February 26, 2024 - 10:59 am

At 78 pre entries at this time. Earliest numbers available Are: 60, 70, 74, 75, 78 - 80, 83 - 85, 88 - 95

ADDED MONEY - $2100 - this is for the open!

EXHIBITIONS!! There are a couple things different I am going to do. Heather Blanford is going to work the Exhibition gate. It is $5 per exhibition pay at the gate. Exhibitions are 11 - 12:35 sharp! It is ONE at at time for the person doing the exhibition, NO riding around in the arena. Keep in forward motion, only one circle around the barrel. If slow working and come when come off 3rd barrel, please ride to the fence so the next person can go. If running the exhibition, please let Heather know so she can keep the way clear for you. Its all about respecting gang and remember we are here to help Allie.

PARKING!! We are going to have a great turnout! I will probably get someone to help with parking. Lise and I messaged this morning and she said she has gotten 300 entries before for a benefit and they fit. It is all about how you park the rigs. Please be considerate and park correctly.

Photography - Samantha Weeks will be here. Be sure to order your pictures from her. She has a direct line to order (as her FB messenger messes up). It is 239-217-1920.

Concession - Wisty Watson will be doing the concession for us. She always has great food.

TRACTOR DRIVERS!!!! I want to give a special shout out and thank you for volunteering your time: Heather Blanford, Justin Culp, and James Dickason!!

We will need barrel setters!! So, if anyone can volunteer their time (even if for a little bit), it is greatly appreciated. I will announce as much as possible for when need help but, if you guys can keep an eye out of where one is needed and help we can keep the show moving quickly.

Ya'll know I can get the show done quickly as long as I have appropriate help.

PRE ENTRIES - I will keep open till 8 pm Saturday night!!!!! At that time, I will close shop and pack the laptops and other stuff to be ready for Sunday morning to head down to Myakka. Entries will be taken on Site but, will be add ons.

On Sunday - I leave around 8:30 am to head down there. It takes me about 1.5 hrs. to get there (depending on traffic). Sometimes, earlier. If you text, email, messenger me, I will not get back to you till I get there and set up. Sometimes, I need to help with getting the arena ready.

SILENT AUCTION -Missy Hobbs put a list of silent auction donations on the Allie Hobbs Benefit FB event page and how they are going to run it. She is starting the bidding at 11 am.

I think I have covered about everything so far. If I think of anything else I will update more.

As of February 19, 2024, we have $2,100 added money.




Victor Greer

Jennifer Vermillera

Taylor Kelley Nix

​Victor Greer

Lise Blanton for Arena